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About Three Mile Creek Range

1. No ammunition that attracts magnets is allowed.
2. There is no drinking water and the range has porta potties only.
3. Any 338 Lapua caliber can only be shot at the metal targets from 500 yards and beyond. Any calibers larger than that can only be shot at (2) metal targets, which are located at 500 and 1000 yards respectively.
4. Targets with faces and Zombie types are not allowed at the range.
5. Full automatic weapons can only be shot with prior authorization from the Chief RSO, or the Mayor. An RSO is required to be one on one with that shooter, if the permission is received.
6. Handguns can be shot from the left part of the firing line at caliber appropriate targets, but cannot be drawn and fired from holsters.
7. Close range metal targets painted black are for .22 LR caliber only.