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About Perry City

Historical Facts:

  • Perry City land was first owned by Orrin Porter Rockwell and his brother Merrell Rockwell
  • Three Mile Creek was the original name of Perry City
  • Three Mile Creek was settled in 1853 by Mormon settlers and officially founded in 1911
  • The first brick school building in Box Elder County was built in Three Mile Creek in 1874
  • The, now, Heritage Theatre was originally used as a church meeting house and was built in 1899
  • The name of Three Mile Creek was changed to Perry City in May of 1898 in honor of O.A. Perry who had served as an LDS Bishop for almost 20 years.

Modern Day Perry:

  • Perry City’s current population is around 4,700
  • Neighboring cities: Ogden (20 miles south), Logan (25 miles east), Tremonton (20miles north), and Brigham City (4 miles north).
  • Union Pacific Railroad as well as Interstate 15 parallel each other on the west boundary of Perry
  • State Highway 89 runs through Perry City and is home to Perry City’s famous Fruit Way
  • Perry is supported by a strong economic and technological foundation due to close proximity to ATK, Hill Air Force Base, Proctor & Gamble, and Autoliv
  • There are two elementary schools: Three Mile Creek Elementary (Public) and Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning (Charter)
  • Middle Schools, Junior Highs, and High School nearby in Brigham City
  • Three university facilities are within close proximity: Utah State University (Logan), Utah State University Annex (Brigham City), and Weber State University (Ogden)


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