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Esther Montgomery

Formerly a SSG in the US Army Reserves and a Domestic Engineer with an Associated Degree, as of January 2017, I, Esther Montgomery, have lived in Perry City six short years.  It’s hard to believe its flown by so fast or that over five of those years have been accentuated so unexpectedly by civil service; first as a Planning Commissioner (2 ½  years) and then as an elected official.  Originally I sought only a way to involve myself and be of service, but I never imagined the course my involvement would take.  Now, three years into my term as Council Member, I am as engaged as ever and excited to see this community thriving.  In the last six years I have served in many capacities inside and outside my official civic duties: as a Charter School Board Member, a Box Elder Trails Committee Member, a Waste Water Treatment Board Member, an EMS Task Force Member, an LPC Member, an RDA Board Member, the Vice-Chair of the C.E.R.T Team, a Relief Society Member, a Scout Leader, an (not-for-profit) aerobics teacher, etc.  I am also a mother of 4 fantastic children and wife to my one and only.  Professionally, I work as an elementary librarian.