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Surplus Property for Sale

City Center Subdivision (Phase 2)

On June 23, 2016 the Perry City Council declared the property in the City Center Subdivision as Surplus. Improved Residential Lots are now available for offer. Please see the links below for Lot Details, the Offer Process, and Offer Form. Initial offers will be accepted until 4:30 PM on February 16, 2017.  Offers after this date will be opened as received. 

City Center Subdivision Phase 2 Plat Map

Lot 1 - SOLD
Lot 2 - SOLD
Lot 3 - Offer Received
Lot 4 - SOLD
Lot 5 - Offer Received

Minimum Offer Amounts Required:

Lot 1 - $71,000
Lot 2 - $74,000
Lot 3 - $74,000
Lot 4 - $74,000
Lot 5 - $78,000

Offer Process

Offer Form

All questions regarding this process must be submitted in writing to the office of the City Recorder at Perry City Hall.  Written answers will be posted on this page of our website within 1 business day for all parties to view.  No oral questions will be answered.

Offer Process Q&A:

  1. Can the general public submit higher offers after Feb 16 even if no initial offer was submitted?
    • Yes, as stated the offer process anyone can make higher offers after February 16th. In the best interest of the tax payers the City’s goal is to maximize the amount received for each lot.
  1. In the unlikely event that a buyer ends up submitting the highest offer on more than one lot, but only wants to purchase one, can those deposits be rolled into the purchase price of the preferred lot and others be sold instead to the next highest bidder?
    • No. Deposits will stay with the lots of which they are offered. If the winning bidder does not follow through with purchase of a lot they will be still be subject to stipulations of the offer process, the deposit will not be transferred or returned.
  1. What happens if you make more than one offer but only want one lot in the end? After the highest offering party is awarded the right to purchase the lot, can they then accept or decline that opportunity – accept for one, but decline for another should they happen to have highest offer on both?
    • You can decline the option to purchase, but will still be subject to the stipulations of the offer process and deposits will not be returned or transferred.
  1. Where can we find the requirements for “any structure and construction” in the “R-1 zone” referred to in the notice of intent to sell…document?
    • Requirements of the R1 Zone are listed within the Perry Municipal Code under land use, to review the code click here.
  1. When do those submitting lower offers get their deposits back?
    • For bids that are not awarded the option to purchase, deposits will be available for pick up at the Perry City Office starting March 9, 2017. If deposits are not picked up within two weeks the City will mail the checks back via regular mail.
  1. Will names be posted with offers or just the offer price?
    • Just offer prices will be listed on the web page.
  1. Will highest offers be posted the night of February 16?
    • Every attempt will be made to post high offers the evening of February 16th, otherwise these will be posted within 24 hours.
  1. When submitting revised offers, do those who have made initial offers need to submit more money to reach the new 5%?
    • Yes. Additional deposit will be required to bring the deposit to 5%.
  1. For those awarded the right to purchase, does the deposit go toward the purchase of the lot?
    • Yes. The deposit will be applied toward the purchase of the lot.
  2. What cost can be expected for hookup fees, impact fees and building permit fees?
    • Building Permit and Impact fees are based on the size of the lot and home. Click here to view a sample of our building permit fee calculation form. This form does not show permit, plan check, and inspection fees. All fees will be calculated and determined upon receipt of a building permit. All fees will be based on the actual home and lot size and may vary from what is shown on this sample calculation form. It is the bidder’s sole responsibility to research the amount and applicability of these fees.
  3. After initial high offers are posted, if no higher bids are placed for a particular lot within the 2-day time frame, does bidding for that lot and then awarded to the highest bidder; and can that bidder then begin closing on the lot.
    • Yes, the lot will be awarded in the event that no counter offer is made, and then the winning party can begin closing on the lot.