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Toby Wright

Hi! My name is Toby Wright. I was born and raised in Liberty Utah, 1.5 miles from Nordic Valley Ski Resort. Naturally it was instilled in me to love the snow; consequently, I love all the seasons of the outdoors, especially skiing and snowmobiling. After all, we do have the greatest snow on earth!  I have been married for 15 yrs to an amazing and beautiful wife, LeNisha, who is by far the best friend I have and love her very much!

I have a Bachelor Degree in Radiology, have been an X-ray/MRI Technologist now since 2004, and am currently working at Brigham City Community Hospital. I also own my own business of 3 years, Mr. Bender LLC, custom sheet metal fabrication and metal door wraps. They are two very diverse professions, (one inside and one outside!) and I love it! 

I served on the Perry City Planning Commission 6 months prior to being elected to the City Council, now for just over a year. What an educating and inspiring experience it has been! It has helped me to have the opportunity to serve the community that sustains me. I look forward to the next three years and hope I can be a great voice for and continue to represent the citizens of Perry.